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Distance learning the school is enabled using the Seesaw App. Seesaw is a fantastic way to to enable learning and to enhance our school’s communication with students and parents when we cannot be at school.

Seesaw is a simple way for teachers and students to either record and share what's happening in the classroom or to continue their distance learning from home. It gives students a place to take part in activities posted by their teachers, document their learning, be creative and learn how to use technology. Each student gets their own journal and will add their work to it in different formats, like photos, videos, drawings, voice recordings, or notes. 








When there are new Seesaw posts, families can be notified via app notification, email or SMS. Seesaw is a GDPR compliant communications service that keeps your data up to date and backed up. Parents are only notified about their own child’s work, and all data is safe and secure.

Download the free Seesaw Class app now from Google Play Store or Apple Appstore

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Setting Up Seesaw for Home Learning

What are Home Learning Codes?


Home Learning Codes (a 12-digit text code or QR code) allow students to sign in to the Seesaw CLASS app from home while protecting their privacy. This means students can add posts to their journal, respond to activities, view announcements, and comment on their own work. Students cannot see or comment on other students’ work.


Where do I get my child’s Home Learning Code?


Your child’s teacher or school will send home a 12-digit text code or a PDF with a text and QR code. You may receive it as a printed PDF, in an email, as a Seesaw announcement/message, or through another channel your school uses to communicate with you. If you did not receive a Home Learning Code but think you should have, please contact your child’s teacher or school.



Which app does my child use Home Learning Codes with? Do codes work on a computer?


Students use Home Learning Codes to sign into the Seesaw CLASS app. An app update is required! If your child is using a laptop or computer, they will sign in at



Is an app update required?


Yes. Please make sure you have the most recent version of the Seesaw CLASS app downloaded on your home device. Students using computers can visit Please also check out our available operating systems and platforms here.


Do Home Learning Codes expire?


Home Learning Codes expire after 90 days. Once your child signs in with a Home Learning Code, they will stay logged in for 1 year or until they log out.


Seesaw Class vs. Family App Why can’t I just use the Family app?


Home Learning Codes allow students to access their journal and all Class app learning tools. The Family app for family members and teachers to communicate, but students should use the Class app for home learning.


Can students access activities in the Family app?


No. Students access activities in the Class app by signing in with their Home Learning Code.



If a student logs into the Class app, then on the same device a family member logs into the Family app to message the teacher, does the student need to log out of the Class app? What about on a computer?


If using the Seesaw Class app, students can stay logged in. The Class app and the Family app are separate applications. If using a computer, your student will need to log out for you to log into as a family member

Using the Class App at Home

What can students do on the Class app?


Students can use Seesaw learning tools to post to their journal, view and respond to activities, view announcements from the teacher, and comment on their own work. Students cannot log in as another student, see another student’s work, or comment on another student’s work with Home Learning codes.


How do activities work?


Your child’s teacher may assign activities in Seesaw. Students click on the Activities tab to see activities their teacher has assigned to them. To respond to an activity, your child should tap +Add Response in the Activities tab. Your child will be able to use Seesaw learning tools and their work will be added to their journal.


Can I message the teacher from the Class app?


No. You should contact the teacher by ringing the office or sending  an email.



Can multiple children/siblings use the same device with Home Learning Codes? Can I toggle between their accounts?


When multiple children/siblings are using the same device for home learning, each child should log out of their account when they’re done using it. We recommend printing each child’s text or QR code and hanging it in your learning space. Toggling is not a feature at this time.



Why do I see other children’s names on my child’s journal?


Multiple students can be tagged on one Seesaw post. Students can see posts they created and posts they’re tagged in.


My child’s Home Learning Code isn’t working!


Check to make sure: 1) You are using the CLASS app to scan the code (not the Family app). If you’re signing in on a computer, make sure you’ve chosen ‘I’m a Student’. 2) The Class app is updated in the App or Google Play store. 3) You entered the 12 digit text code correctly or are holding the QR far enough away from the device so the entire code is scanned.



What do I do if a child’s Home Learning Code is being used inappropriately by someone else?


Please contact your teacher so they can get the code deactivated.



Where can I find more resources?

Visit for Seesaw tutorials and resources related to supporting remote learning.

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