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FREE Active Advent Calendar

You may have heard of a company called imoves. They work with and provide 'active educational' resources to primary schools across the UK and beyond.

Each Christmas, they produce what they call an 'Active Advent' calendar which many teachers will use in school, during the last couple of weeks before the holidays.

This year, in response to the devastating impact of the pandemic, self isolation and lockdowns, they've gone even further.

They've created a completely free 'Active Advent' calendar, designed specifically for kids, their friends and their families to enjoy at home.

Just like the traditional advent calendar, an amazing new activity is revealed each and every morning throughout December - but with no chocolate in sight!

It's incredibly good fun, elf-y AND educational.

And most important of all - it's 100% FREE.

No catches, no hidden agenda, just a nice thing to do because it’s the right thing to do.

They are relying on contacts and 'word of mouth' etc to spread the news, and that's why we are sharing this information with you.

You can join in literally 10 seconds at

I'm sure it will be incredibly good fun - not just for the kids but for your entire family.

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