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Minecraft Education Edition in 4th class

Written by Antek in 4th Class

Minecraft Edu (For short) Is a free version of minecraft, only accessible to schools! Like us! Minecraft Edu let us have a go of Minecraft and our teacher agreed! At the start minecraft edu wasn’t on the Ipad’s so we only watched DreamSpace TV, Minecraft Edu Episodes 1 and 2 (DreamSpace TV is a Microsoft/Minecraft channel on Youtube, which posts many videos) If we are very good, Some boys can play it on the laptop! You can even code in it, Some boys in 4th Class learned how to code from Antek and Artuur since they are very good at coding! Minecraft Edu is amazing!

For Episode 1, DreamSpace asked us to make our Dream Houses, I made a little 1 room house with a cool door! Many other boys made some other houses! All of them we’re very good! We learned about sustainability like making farms in our back garden!

For Episode 2, We had to make a Mars Rover, With many stuff, We all had to have atleast 4 stuff that can do something on our Rover, Eg: Wheels, A claw, etc. All of our Rovers were amazing! And had some interesting key mechanics. We learned a lot about mars here

Episode 3: Desert Island Challenge, we had to make a desert island, with some cool stuff, But how are we supposed to make a massive desert island? Well we used some commands like /fill and all, We had a lot of fun making a desert island and some had volcanoes on them! We learned a lot about islands in this episode.

Minecraft Edu is very good, And it is very educational, and school = education. Right? I think you should try it! Many people use it and it is highly popular among our class


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