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5th Class Poetry Winners

Congratulations to Noah and Conor C who won the 5th Class poetry competition this week.

Have a read of their of their fantastic poems below.


Christmas feels like a lump of sneachta down my back.

Christmas smells like turcaí legs fresh out of the oven and cáca Nollag with pieces of cána candaí sprinkled on top.

Christmas tastes like a delicious turcaí on my plate and a píog mhionra after my dinner.

Christmas sounds like the ice on top of a river, cracking underneath my foot.

Christmas looks like seven réinfhia gliding through the dark bitter sky.

By Noah


Christmas feels like a warming fireplace after going outside into the breezy cold.

Christmas looks like the delicious hot turkey from the oven.

Christmas sounds like you shaking a gift box in a jolly way.

Christmas smells like a well cooked turkey sitting on a plate.

Christmas tastes like amazing Christmas cake icing in your mouth.

By Conor C

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