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Athletics with Shane on Fridays

On Friday’s, we do athletics. Shane is the coach. We do one hundred metre sprints and practice four point and reaction starts.

We play lifeguards and sharks. The sharks try to tag the swimmers in the zone and the lifeguard puts a hula hoop over your head if you are tagged.

We play another game that you throw a softball into the air your class has to run away and when the person in the hula-hoop catches the ball, they shout freeze and then your class has to freeze. Then the person in the hula-hoop must try to hit somebody with the softball if you get hit by the softball you are in the hula-hoop with the softball and you do the same thing as the person before who was in and the round restarts. It was very fun and we are happy we get athletics for six weeks.

By Jacob in 4th class

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Dec 01, 2021

Amazing! I can't wait for the next athletics, and athletics is my favourite sport! Thank you Shane!

Dec 01, 2021
Replying to

Jacob, In 4th Class, Amazing writing!

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