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Back to School Information

Welcome back!

We are looking forward to a great school year!

Please read on for some helpful information about our safe return to school.

A more detailed email will also be sent to all families, so please remember to check your email.

When are we back?

Tuesday 31st August. Gates will open every day at 8.30am. School starts at 8.50am. Please use the pedestrian gate only.

What doors do we use?

Same as last year! There will be teachers and snas on hand to show the boys where to go!

2nd, 3rd, 4th - main door

5th class - gate beside the playground /bike rack

6th class - lower front door (near 2nd class toilets)

What do we wear?

Mon / Tues / Fri - Full uniform with a tie

Wed / Thurs - Tracksuit with yellow polo shirt.

We start on a Tuesday, so full uniform with a tie 😉

What do we need to bring?

  • a school bag

  • a pencil case (pencils, ruler, rubber, pencil parer, and colours) These will have to be left in school. You will need another set for home.

  • My own water bottle

  • My own wash bag with a small hand towel to dry my hands with

  • Your teacher will tell you what copies you need to get when we start back to school.

  • I must have my name on everything

How do we stay safe in school?

  • We will sanitise our hands during the day.

  • Our teachers and SNAs will remind us when we need to.

  • We wash our hands after using the bathroom.

  • We stick to our class pods and bubbles.

  • We tell an adult if we are not feeling well.

  • We stay at home, if we are unwell, and come back to school when we are better.

When does school finish every day?

  • We finish at 2.30pm

  • We leave through the doors we use in the morning.

  • We can be collected outside the pedestrian gate.

How can we help each other?

  • Good communication - if there is a concern or worry, please let us know! A problem halved...

  • Remember the safety guidelines - social distancing and mask wearing are very important.

  • If your son isn't feeling well, please keep them at home until they are feeling better.

Our families support last year, played a huge role in the successful year we all enjoyed. We know this success will continue into 2020 /2021 See you all bright and early on Tuesday, 31st!

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